Stan Lee To Set World Record for Largest-Ever Graphic Novel


Stan Lee's New York Times-bestselling Romeo & Juliet: The War will set a new record today. No, not a sales record--a special, custom-made, oversized version of the book will be awarded the world record as the largest graphic novel known to exist (actual physical dimensions, that is, not page count). The award will be presented by Thomas Jane, actor and known comic book aficionado who was one of the three film actors to play Marvel's The Punisher. The presentation will take place in just over an four hours, at 6:30 p.m. in California, where they'll unveil the book, get some photos taken and then auction it off to benefit the John Wayne Cancer Institute. Says the official release from Lee's publisher 1821 Comics:

"Stan Lee is scheduled to set the World Record for creating the largest graphic novel book ever--- a limited edition, giant over-sized version of his NY Times Best Seller, ROMEO AND JULIET THE WAR! "To celebrate setting the World Record, Stan, POW! and 1821 Comics will host a special unveiling of the giant book this Wednesday at a special charity art auction with proceeds benefitting the John Wayne Cancer Institute "Thomas Jane (HungPunisher) will help unveil the book with Stan and present him with the official award for setting the World Record during the ceremonies "Wednesday marks the first time ever that Stan Lee, 1821 Comics and POW! Entertainment will unveil that they've set the World Record with their giant graphic novel book ROMEO AND JULIET: THE WAR. Stan Lee will receive the official award from Thomas Jane and invited guests will see the giant book. There will also be an auction with proceeds benefitting the John Wayne Cancer Institute. "The event's sponsors are: Stan Lee's World of Heroes, John Wayne Cancer Institute, Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo, Sun Drop, and Whosay."