Stan Lee Wins 2013 Lifetime Achievement Geekie Award

Stan Lee

The first annual Geekie Awards were held on Sunday, August 18th at The Avalon Hollywood. The Geekie Awards celebrates the most talented independent creators, artists and filmmakers, showcasing their work to a worldwide audience of industry leaders and fans who may not otherwise discover it via a live broadcast event.

Stan Lee won the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Geekie Award, which was presented to him by Seth Green. In accepting the award, Stan Lee said, “I’m very thrilled to get this, whatever the hell it is.” After explaining how no one gave him the same answer as to what a geek was, Stan Lee added, “The next time I get my next award I would like to know what it’s for and what the hell a geek is.”

Stan Lee also wrote a geek hymn, which he read to the crowd. Stan Lee explained, “I adapted it to the tune of Yankee Doodle, because with Yankee Doodle you don’t have to pay a royalty.” The hymn ended with the line, “I still have no idea what a geek is, but I’m glad to be one.”