'Star Trek' Writers Talk Sequels

With the reboot of 'Star Trek' proving a monumental success, attention has turned to the next installment of the franchise. The biggest question: should the story be an original one, or should it tackle something from Star Trek's incredible history (KHHHAAAANN!)? SciFiWire caught up with writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman to ask them about the current film, as well as sequels. Both have agreed to write the next installment. Says Orci:

"I think the major lesson we learned is that fans were willing to accept differences and surprises, provided that they were somehow echoes or inspired by canon," Orci said in an exclusive interview earlier this month. He added: "We still have to be true to Star Trek the next time around, but we've also been blessed with being able to be unpredictable. And that doesn't mean we can just be shocking for no good reason and just throw everything away. ... It still has to echo everything that Star Trek has been."

An interesting note is that many folks had an opening weekend projection of $50 million for the film, but after the first few hours, the studio (through their tracking) knew they had a hit on their hands. Be sure to check out the entire interview.