Star Wars Rebels: Twilight of the Apprentice Recap with Spoilers

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Part one of "Twilight of the Apprentice" kicks off with Ahsoka, Ezra, and Kanan heading to Malachor, as instructed by Yoda. Chopper is along for the ride, as well. Previously, Jedi have been told to stay away from the planet, but Kanan doesn't know exactly why, just that there are stories about the planet. "There's always truth in legends," Ahsoka says, perhaps giving a little nod to the fact that Malachor comes from the old Expanded Universe, now known as "Legends."

After landing, they try to decipher inscriptions from a strange obelisk, and when Ezra touches it the ground beneath them opens up – revealing a Sith Temple.

The three move forward, and Ahsoka says they're there to learn "forbidden" knowledge of the Sith. They walk through scorched ground, where Ezra finds an ancient three-bladed lightsaber. What looks like thousands-of-years old Jedi encased in ash are all over the grounds. Ahsoka confirms the battle, an attack on the temple, likely happened thousands of years ago.

An Inquisitor attacks out of nowhere, and Ezra falls further into the ground. Kanan and Ahsoka go after the Inquisitor.

An old man starts to talk to Ezra, saying he's lived there a long time, after his ship crashed. "You came for the same reason I did years ago. You seek knowledge," the man, who we of course know is Darth Maul, says. He says he can show Ezra the way into the temple, and introduces himself as "Old Master." Ezra introduces himself, too – as Jabba, his old favorite.

Kanan and Ahsoka come to the conclusion that the Inquisitor wasn't looking for them – so who was he looking for? Kanan tells Chopper to head off the Inquisitor at his ship.

Ezra and Old Master talk about the danger of the Inquisitor, as in the clip we saw early. "Once I had power, now I have nothing," Maul says. Ezra says he wants justice, and maul says "I have discovered the key to destroying the Sith. The temple holds secrets of the Sith that have been buried with the dead for thousands of years." There's that "thousands of years" thing again.

Chopper gets to the Inquisitor's modified TIE ahead of him, and starts flying it, blasting at the Inquisitor in the process. Kanan and Ahsoka hold him down at saber-point.

Old Master says the Sith Temple can only be entered if two lift the stone "no more, no less. That is the way of the Sith." He also says that the only way to defeat the Sith is to use some of their abilities. "Your passions give you strength, through strength you gain power. You must break your chains," Old Master tells Ezra, using a modified version of the Sith Code. Ezra gains more Force pull power through his anger, indeed, lifting the door easily now. He and Maul lift the second door – taking turns going from door to door. A third, a fourth, a fifth – it's taxing on the young Jedi. "Unless you take risks, do what must be done, there will always be limits to your abilities," Old master says. Ezra introduces himself with his real name. "Real name, yes, I once had a real name, so long ago. Don't remember. Now I am called Maul," he replies.

Kanan and Ahsoka try to interrogate the Inquisitor, who says he's on Malachor "hunting a shadow."

Maul and Ezra come to a Sith Holocron. "Only someone with the courage to risk oblivion is worthy to claim it." Ezra tells Maul to use the Force to throw him after he leaps the chasm toward the Holocron. He makes it on the central platform where the glowing Holocron floats, and takes it. In another Aladdin parallel for him, part of the Temple starts to crumble. – but it's actually opening up, it seems, and the platform is rising, with Ezra on it.

Outside, the Inquisitor stealthily hits a button on his arm. Kanan and Ahsoka see the platform rising, and Kanan says, "Why do I know Ezra's involved with this somehow?"

Maul tells Ezra to jump from the platform, and he does – Maul catches him with the Force and lifts him up – he looks dark for a moment, like he's going to just take the Holocron, but he doesn't.

The other two inquisitors we've known for the whole season, Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister show up and attack Kanan and Ahsoka.

"How do you open this?" Ezra asks Maul. He shows that the Holocron can be opened – but it can also be used as a key. It opens the doors back to the outside, and Ezra and Maul come out.

"Maul!" Ahsoka says, recognizing him immediately. The Inquisitor that was hunting says "The shadow!" Maul just laughs and says "What fun! WHAT FUN!" and that's the end of part one.

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Part 2 of "Twilight of the Apprentice" picks up right where they left off, and Seventh Sister says, "So, the rumors are true, Darth Maul lives." "Formerly Darth, now just Maul." Maul pulls his double-bladed lightsaber out of his cane, and ignites it, easily holding his own against all three Inquisitors. The new one asks him if he has the Holocron. "You'll know soon enough."

The Inquisitors retreat, and Maul tells them that Vader is on the way. He wants to face him, and to team-up with the "Two Jedi… and one part-timer." Maul remembers Ahsoka, too, calling her "Lady Tano." They have to bring the Holocron up to the top of the Temple in order to open it and unlock further secrets.

The Inquisitors listen in via Seventh Sister's droid, and plan to try to retrieve the Holocron.

An elevator stone separates the makeshift team, with Ezra and Kanan taking the first ride. "Only two, no more, no less" can ride it at a time. Kanan tells Ezra he can't trust Maul, that he's being used. The new Inquisitor lands on the platform just when Kanan and Ezra get to the top and attacks them, quickly taking out Kanan and knocking Ezra to the ledge. Just as he's going to strike, Maul and Ahsoka arrive and Maul saves him. They need to split up so that they can slow the Inquisitors. Maul and Ezra go together.

Maul continues to encourage some dark side teachings in Ezra. When they arrive on the next platform, a couple of Sister's droids are waiting for them – as is she. There are also more charred bodies. Sister attacks those two, and as Kanan and Ahsoka get to the top of their platform, the two Brothers attack them.

Maul tells Ezra to use the dark side. Maul Force-chokes Seventh Sister, holding her in the air and tells Ezra to strike her down. He doesn't, and turns off his lightsaber. Maul gets angry, and throws his lightsaber into the Seventh Sister's torso – that's one less Inquisitor, it seems.

Maul senses something, and tells Ezra he'll handle the other two Inquisitors fighting Ahsoka and Kanan, and that Ezra needs to go use the Holocron to activate the Temple. Maul quickly strikes down Fifth Brother – one more dead Inquisitor. He breaks the other Inquisitor's blade and sends him to his death.

"Where's Ezra?" Kanan asks. "You mean, my Apprentice," Maul says. He strikes at Kanan in a flash, and… wow, it looks like he just blinded Kanan. Holy crap. "My Apprentice will activate this Temple – or more precisely this battle station, which I shall use to exact my revenge on all my enemies!" Maul shouts as he and Ahsoka fight and "Duel of the Fates" plays.

Ezra gets close to the top of the Temple, Holocron in hand. He sees the device in which to place it, and floats it in with the Force. The Holocron opens, and starts to pulsate with electricity and energy. "Who comes Forth?" Says a female voice speaking with two voices, like Mother Talzen. "Indeed, Ezra Bridger, do you know what knowledge is? Knowledge is power."

Maul and Ahsoka continue to fight, and Maul says there's nothing she can do to stop him. "Running away again, Lady Tano?" Kanan picks up a helmet off one of the fallen charred Jedi and puts it on. Ahsoka says Maul has to fight Kanan if he wants to continue their fight. Still blinded, Kanan never-the-less manages to take out Maul, throwing him from the Temple. Chopper says a TIE Fighter is there.

"I have been waiting for you," the voice tells Ezra. "The power to destroy life is yours to command." Ezra doesn't want it. "Then perhaps the other who approaches will claim the power instead." It's Vader.

Vader leaps down and attacks Ezra, while asking how he unlocked the power of the Temple. "I don't fear you," Ezra says. "Then you will die braver than most," Vader replies. With a single strike, he cuts Ezra's lightsaber handle in half. "Perhaps I was wrong," he says. "It wouldn't be the first time," Ahsoka says.

They talk with Vader telling her they can again be allies. She says that her Master would never be as vile as him, and Vader says that he destroyed Anakin Skywalker. "Then I will avenge him." "Revenge is not the Jedi way," he says. "I am no Jedi," Ahsoka replies, and attacks. They fight.

Kanan and Chopper arrive with the Phantom, and Kanan is indeed blind. He asks Ezra to help him to the Holocron so they can remove it together.

Vader and Ahsoka continue to fight, and she holds her own, but is getting over-powered. Vader Force-pushes her from the Temple. Oh no.

Ezra and Kanan get to the Holocron and pull it out – the Temple starts to collapse, and Vader arrives, he starts to Force-pull Ezra and the Holocron toward him. Ahsoka jumps back into the fray, and slashes at Vader, cutting his helmet open. "Ahsoka," he says with a mixed voice now – it's Matt Lanter, and it's heart-breaking to hear. "Anakin. I won't leave you. Not this time," she says. "Then you will die" he replies, igniting his lightsaber. Anakin tries to get to her, and she Force-pushes him onto the Phantom. The Temple top slams shut, and Vader and Ahsoka turn to fight again. A massive explosion blasts from the Temple. Oh no.

Ezra cries, and Kanan tries to comfort him. They both arrive back with the Rebel Alliance, Kanan now blinded, no Ahsoka with them. Hera hugs Kanan. Captain Rex looks on sadly.

Darth Maul is seen flying away in Vader's TIE fighter.

Darth Vader emerges from the rubble of the Temple, bruised but not beaten. That weird owl flies over head.

Wait – is that – is it Ahsoka? Is she alive? A figure walks in the shadows, and it looks like it's her, walking into the remains of the temple.


One more shot of the Rebels, and Kanan, now blinded, wearing a covering over his eyes. Ezra sits alone in his room with the Sith Holocron – and it opens. But only the dark side can do that. Oh no. And that's the end.

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