Star Wars Rebels: What Happened to Ahsoka Tano in the Season 2 Finale?


SPOILERS For Star Wars Rebels season 2 finale: Twilight of the Apprentice! Read our full recap of the two-part finale here.

It finally happened. Having survived the Clone Wars, Ahsoka Tano came face-to-face with Darth Vader, formerly her master Anakin Skywalker.

It was a momentous fight, taking up most of the third act of the story, but the emotional jabs were as powerful as any lightsaber slash. So, did Ahsoka make it out alive?

Well, probably. After the fight with Vader, where he truly revealed that Anakin Skywalker was as dead as he wants people to think, the Sith Temple exploded in a huge burst of energy. The pair of very strong Force users were standing at the epicenter of the blast.

At the end, We clearly saw Darth Vader walk away from the ruins of the Temple, battered and bruised, but not anywhere near beaten (He does have three movies to get through, after all). Then we saw a figure, in the shadows, entering a chamber, a standing entrance to the Temple. While you can't perfectly make it out, it sure looks like - and could only really be - Ahsoka Tano (Note: some fans thought it could be a surviving inquisitor, but a new t-shirt confirms it's Ahsoka). Of course, it could be a Force ghost, or could be symbolic, her leaving this plane of existence, and showrunner Dave Filoni isn't telling.

"I think that right now, what's important is, it's really a moment for you as a fan, and for me to see more of what you're made of. How strong is your faith? What do you believe? What did you see there in the final moments?" Filoni said at a special premiere event for the finale. "I know what happened for sure. I think that it would be just cruel and rob you of your own independence if I said 'blah blah blah.' I didn't put an image of Vader like dragging her head along - that would be horrible! I couldn't even get off this lot if that happened. But I also didn't have a Lothcat come purr at her ankle as she picked it up and said 'phew, close one.' Neither of those is an acceptable outcome. So I picked a - for once - nebulous shot, with complete certainty of what happened in my mind. Now, at conventions I'll be completely plagued with people [asking me]."

Assuming for a moment she is actually alive begs the question, what's next for Ahsoka? Even if the blast of Force energy hid her from Vader for the time being, you'd think he could find her eventually. The real question, then, is if he even needs to. While Ahsoka was strong, and fought well, her spirit was clearly broken. When her suspicion was finally confirmed, her pain was palpable. Now, living in a Sith Temple, it sure seems like a darker path could be in her future. If she's dead (as the Rebel Alliance all thinks she is), however, then that's it - that's the end of Ahsoka's story.

Here's hoping we find out in Star Wars Rebels season three, and don't have to wait too long for more of Lady Tano.

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