Stephen King Praises 'The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun In 'Mayhem'

Steven Yeun left the Walking Dead in a brutal way. When Glenn was killed by Negan fans were outraged that such a beloved character was taken out in such a close-up monstrous fashion.

Even Steven thought that it might have been too much, saying at a Walker Stalker Con after his departure from the show "Maybe we did it too far. It was pretty bad but we did it and people remember it, so it's cool."

But in late 2017 he released Mayhem on Shudder and brought back the violence. Directed by Joe Lynchm, Mayhem told the the story of office workers in a quarantined building fighting it out. The violence is caused 9at least in part) by the virus that has infected them.

The film didn't get a lot of buzz but it looks like horror and violence expert Stephen King caught wind of it. Tweeting "Steven Yeun (THE WALKING DEAD) shines MAYHEM. It's gory as hell, but as sharp as the instruments--axes, screwdrivers, etc.--some of the crazy corporate suits wield once they are infected. As witty as it is vicious."

It's a departure from some of King's tweets as of late. wrote of his latest tweet controversy where he wrote of the recent train accident that involved Republican congressman.


Mayhem is now available on streaming and on blu-ray, but streams for free on the Shudder network. You can check out the trailer here. As you might expect - warning, there's a wee bit of violence.