Strangers in Paradise Characters To Return as S.I.P. Kids In August One-Shot

Somehow, this one slipped under the radar: Terry Moore is bringing back the cast of Strangers in Paradise for a one-shot (and possibly more) humor comic.

The one-shot, titled S.I.P. Kids, will hit the stands in August and feature David, Francine, Katchoo, Casey, Darcy Tambi and the rest as six-year-olds.

It's a clever way of telling new stories with these characters -- or versions of them -- without breaking the original series by adding events into the middle of the story.

The issue will roll out early at San Diego Comic Con International this year.

Check out the official solicitation text below:

They're back! The Strangers of Paradise gang returns in their first all-new, full-color story since 2007 – as 6 year olds! Francine and Katchoo comb the neighborhood for a missing peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but Darcy bribes Tambi to find it first and every suspect reeks of PB&J. Meanwhile, the mysterious "Kissing Bandit" seems unusually fixated on Francine, and Casey launches an all-out attack on David's "No Girls" treehouse.


"It's all ages and meant to be humorous entertainment," Moore told "If it's popular, I'll do another one, if not, it will be the unique offering at SDCC."

Moore is currently working on a prose novel starring Francine and Katchoo, set after the events of the comic book. The pair are apparently married in the new novel, as evidenced by a pinup Moore did of the characters for Comic Con in 2012. Last year at the show, Moore bowed a 20th Anniversary reprint of Strangers in Paradise #1, also in full color (the series itself was black-and-white).