Superman #32 Preview: Geoff Johns and John Romita, Jr. Take Over The Man of Steel

DC Entertainment have released a preview of Wednesday's Superman #32 from DCE Chief Creative [...]

DC Entertainment have released a preview of Wednesday's Superman #32 from DCE Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and legendary Marvel artist John Romita, Jr.

The preview pages -- different from the previous set, which ran first in Entertainment Weekly and later in the back of every DC Comics title -- show Superman leaping into action after spending a quiet evening alone and also reinforce the idea that his costume still gets worn under his clothes, at least from time to time, even though the reactive Kryptonian armor he wears can change its appearance.

Romita, who has been in comics nearly forty years and has worked on nearly every major Marvel character, told USA Today that he still finds working on Superman a little daunting.

"People are paying attention, and I've never been one to think about it that way," Romita said. "Now I've made this big noise and people are thinking that I'm doing it to make noise. And while that may or may not be true, I'm getting that microscope.

"All that does to me is maybe pop a few more gray hairs," he added, "but it also makes me work that much harder."

He acknowledges that between the changes made to Superman's appearance for the New 52 and the unique style Romita brings to his work, it's not been a seamless transition.

"It's taken me a little while," Romita said. "If somebody says, 'Ah, you did a lousy Superman face,' yeah, you're probably right. I gotta work on that."

He also admitted that he'd love to work on Batman eventually.

"I would love to," Romita admitted, "but I'm going to let this play out and see if I get booted out the door after doing Superman or not."

Check out the preview pages below, and the solicitation text below that.

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