The Dark Knight Rises Spills New Secrets Today

During the France Vs. England football match earlier today, a new trailer aired for Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale's final Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, out next month.

In the new, 40-second ad, it reuses a lot of the same footage that fans have already seen, but opens with a new revelation: during that scene that's been in virtually every ad for the film where Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are dancing at a party, Bruce tells her that what she's wearing is "a brazen costume for a cat burglar," suggesting that by the time we get to that sequence, he already knows her secret. She responds by asking him who he's pretending to be, which raises the question of whether she knows his, as well, but it's certainly not as on-the-nose.

Most reports I've read discussing the trailers and ad for The Dark Knight Rises had been assuming that scene took place early in the film and was an establishing moment between the two characters, but apparently by the time it happens there's already something of a relationship between the two.

She is, of course, wearing a distinctive pearl necklace in the scene that many fans have speculated might be the same one worn by Martha Wayne on the night she was killed. Our theory? This scene takes place after she's already stolen his car (as seen in several ads) and been to jail to be interviewed (as in the MTV footage from last week).


One line also seems to confirm theories that, following an injury at the hands of Bane, Batman will "rise" and return to action. Standing with Lucius Fox before the Bat as it's unveiled, leaning on a cane, Wayne says it's time to get himself "back in the game."

The Dark Knight Rises opens on July 20, and tickets went on sale today.