The Flash/Arrow Crossover Event: The Five Coolest Moments

Now that we've had two consecutive nights of pretty great The Flash and Arrow action, what were [...]

Now that we've had two consecutive nights of pretty great The Flash and Arrow action, what were the high points?

There were quite a few, but since many of them (reactions to characters meeting, quippy dialogue, etc.) were pretty close to one another, we decided to try and make a list that varied it least a bit.

I'm sure everyone's mileage may vary, so feel free to chime in at the comments to tell us where I'm wrong or what deserves to be on the list more. Be civil.

Diggle's reaction to Flash (and Lyla's, and Thea's)

A running (no pun intended) gag they had throughout the two episodes was the comical reactions that the grounded and gritty characters from Arrow would have when exposed to Barry Allen's super-speed as The Flash.

It worked on me every time. The stoic, generally impossible-to-impress characters of Arrow looking at Barry with wide-eyed confusion, often punctuated with a "...what? Nobody told you?" from the Scarlet Speedster, was pretty priceless.

The Flash/Arrow fight

Personally, I'm not actually all that into superhero smackdowns. It's just a personal thing, but ever since Civil War, I just haven't been able to have any fun with them.

That said, the fight choreography on Arrow and The Flash is consistently top-notch, and since the had the unenviable task of showing off what Barry could do without making a powers-free hero like Oliver look like a chump, we got a bit of the best of both worlds during their squabble -- and that was pretty cool.

Of course, the whole "shine a light at him to break the spell" thing has been done...but given the ties to Geoff Johns' emotional spectrum from Green Lantern (the colors being shone at Barry were for will, love, hope and compassion), I'll take it.


The first appearance of Firestorm is almost certainly going to be the coolest moment in any episode of television. Having it come at the end of the first crossover between two other Justice Leaguers in live action in prime time? Yeah, I'll take two.

Arrow/Arsenal/Boomerang fight scene

Again, the fight choreography and stunt work on these shows is just top-notch. I'm really looking forward to seeing Oliver and Ra's al Ghul go at it next week becuase, really, that Boomerang fight with a thing of beauty.

The only complaint I have on that one was that it was too short -- but you can't complain too much, because...

Flash saves Arrow

I was, overall, pretty happy with the fact that they went out of their way to make The Flash look awesome on Arrow and vice versa. It's the opposite of that old comics trope where the hero always wins a fight with a visiting character.

The coolest visual of the whole thing for me? Look at that image above. It was so much cooler in motion...but the effects on Barry's powers, the way they interacted with the boomerangs...everything just looked...awesome.