The Flash Season Finale Table Read Had Entire Cast In Tears


The season finale of The Flash is being described by its  executive producer Andrew Kreisberg as "Incredibly emotional." So emotional in fact that even the cast broke down into tears during the read-through.

"When we had the table read for that episode, everybody just started crying," Kreisberg told EW. Usually when we have the table reads, I read the stage directions, and after a while I just stopped because everybody was in tears and quiet. We've worked really hard to build up these believable relationships between everybody throughout the course of the season. We did the greatest hits of all the scenes that made us cry over the season and put them all in the finale again."

One of the main reasons fans have embraced The Flash is that it fearlessly attacks plot points. That means the finale won't leave important questions regarding Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh) for season 2.

Kreisberg stated, "The full measure of Wells' plan, why he's doing what he's doing and what really fully happened that night that Barry's mother died, all of those things are going to come to fruition."

The Flash season finale airs tomorrow at 8 PM ET on The CW.

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