The Flash: Who Played Gorilla Grodd?

Was that very convincing gorilla seen (mostly in the shadows, granted) at the end of this week's episode of The Flash actually a guy in a suit?

It seems either that, or there was somebody doing the voices for his snorts and grunts...and that someone is a stuntman and actor who has worked on projects like ArrowSmallvilleRise of the Planet of the Apes and Blade: Trinity.

Following the episode airing this week, here's the tweet The Flash pilot's stunt coordinator Jon Kralt tweeted out:

Simon Burnett, the actor he indicated as Grodd, retweeted that as well as a number of other Grodd-related items (including our story indicating that the character would appear that night, written following a tweet from showrunner Andrew Kreisberg).

While he didn't specifically confirm that he was behind Grodd, the actor -- who regularly does stunts on Arrow and appeared in the second episode of this season as Tim Kaufman, according to IMDb -- did retweet someone who said "Wait, Simon Burnett was Grodd?"


Will Burnett be doing whatever stunt work is needed down the line to make Gorilla Grodd a believable, physical menace? It seems likely they'd get a voice actor to do Grodd's voice...although it's also impossible to say whether they'd use Burnett's own voice if he's inside the suit.

Grodd is a character fans are very excited about -- but very concerned about, as well; he would be difficult to do well and very easy to do very badly. The Flash, though, has earned a good deal of leeway from audiences, being warmly received through its first half-dozen episodes and earning some of the best ratings in The CW's history.