The LEGO Movie Producer Would Love a Nintendo All-Stars Film

(Photo: Nintendo)

Nintendo said last year they're once again exploring ideas on how to bring their characters to the big screen, something that they haven't attempted since 1993's Super Mario Bros. Well, they can count producer Roy Lee, who helped bring together The LEGO Movie in 2014, as someone who is interested, as well.

"Zelda, Mario, the whole universe of characters, I feel like could be perfect for a LEGO Movie-type movie. I don't have the rights to it; I would love to – that's my holy grail," Lee said at DICE Summit 2016 on Wednesday.

The LEGO Movie brought together characters from several properties including Lord of the Rings, DC Comics, and even Star Wars into a film that explored the world of LEGO. Nintendo, with full ownership of their characters like Mario, Link, Samus Aran, Kirby, Fox McCloud, and princesses Peach, Zelda, and many more, could certainly have a crazy, worlds-hopping adventure of their own. Just think about the line-up to the Super Smash Bros games teaming up for an adventure!

Nintendo and Universal announced a partnership in 2015 to bring Nintendo characters and properties to Universal theme parks, so perhaps that will push them back into the world of film. And Nintendo? If and when you do, you might want to give Roy Lee a call, because that sounds like everything could be awesome. It could be cool if you two were part of a team. We could be living the dream.