The Simpsons Recap With Spoilers: Treehouse Of Horrors

Wanted Dead Then Alive

Distorted, exaggerated cartoon versions of Bart, Maggie, and Lisa walk amongst ghosts in a graveyard. A song narrates how the 25 foot monster approaching them as he peels Bart like a banana and chews on him. It tries to eat Maggie who is a bee and it stings her. The kids run home to Halloween version of Marge and Homer. The monster rips Homer's soul from his body and eats it. "And now it's time for the cartoon," Marge says.

Bart spins Wendell around and tells everyone it took 14 spins for him to throw up. Wendell claims he held the throw up in .Bart gets a text from Milhouse and rushes to the school so he doesn't miss what's happening. He hears a violin and says something is wrong. Sideshow Bob startles Bart. He points a spear gun at Bart and Bart claims he can't be killed by and dances but he gets shot in the chest with the spear and Sideshow Bob rips out Bart's heart. He sings and celebrates and takes selfie's with his body, posting them to FiendBook and dances in Bart's intestines before using them to carry Bart out on his back.

Sideshow Bob drinks wine with Bart's dead body and the doorbell rings. He props Bart up to watch TV before opening the door and finding Homer. He shows Bart his "I love Bart" tattoo and Homer leaves. Bob plays golf into Bart's mouth and complains his stomach acids are flattening the balls.

Bob teaches his class and then grades the papers, failing most of them and criticizing their Game of Thrones references. He wants to bring Bart back to life because killing him was the only thing that ever brought him joy. He puts together a machine which brings Bart back to life. Bart is sarcastic so Bob kills him again then brings him back again and kills him and brings him back repetitively. Death by lion. Death by paper plane through a fan. Death by sight of electric bill.

Maggie and her dog see Bart's body in Bob's basement. Homer and the family storm in and find him. "I thought these animations were pretty good," Homer says as he sees the reanimation machine. He brings Bart back to life with the machine and Sideshow Bob comes downstairs on the phone with police, saying there are intruders in his basement. Homer kills him and says it was for trying to frame Crusty.

Bart brings Bob back to life with a chicken body and antlers. Bob teaches his class in his new body.


Grampa Simpson drops a donut into the ocean. Others look on and laugh. Grampa Simpson tells Lisa and Bart he is feeding the sea creature so it doesn't rise and kill them all.

The donut sinks and a creature eats it. Grampa Simpson prepares a donut and chokes on it and dies. The city has a funeral for Grampa Simpson.

From a classroom, the roar of Homerzilla is heard. Students are startled as he rises from the water. Homerzilla destroys the city. He flies planes like yo-yos. Lisa questions why Homerzilla has to destroy their city and tells him he has fishy breathe. Homer falls off the stage and some production assistants help him up.

A room of executives are excited to make the movie.

At the premiere of Zilla, a reporter introduces Lilly Lumpkin, Dredric Tatum, and the Grumple. Crusty announces his burger meat will be made from only sick reptiles in honor of the movie.

In the movie, Homerzilla emerges from the water and drinks gasoline from a tanker truck. A scientist cries about the slow moving monster, saying there's no way to get out of the way.

The executives watch the movie in an empty theater with one patron who is only there to get a good seat for the new Star Wars. They elect to dump the movie in the ocean. In doing so, they awake Homerzilla. Homerzilla will return as soon as people have forgotten about the last one.

Telepaths of Glory

Lisa video tapes butterflies and criticizes Bart and his friend for not hunting owls. Van Houten falls in a hole. He falls for a really long time. Bart goes home to get a barrel of monkeys to lower them down but Lisa says they have to save Milhouse. Milhouse looks for his phone in some green ooze. Something explodes and Lisa and Milhouse can fly and move things telepathically. Milhouse teleports Bart and then drops him.


Lisa uses her powers to climb a rope in gym class. Milhouse drops a bully in a volcano. Bart spraypaints and Lisa makes the message more friendly and tosses Bart into a window. Milhouse hammers bullies. He brought his parents together, literally. Maggie overpowers Milhouse. She puts a shirt on a shirtless horserider. She makes Homerziller friendly. She makes a sunny day.

Aliens complain, "Once again we just have a cameo!"