The Walking Dead Featured A Tribute Walker For Swamp Thing Co-Creator Bernie Wrightson


If one of the walkers that came shambling out of the forest at Daryl on the "Always Accountable" episode of The Walking Dead reminded you of a certain DC Comics character, it wasn't by accident.

During the Talking Dead, Chris Hardwick referred to the walker as the "swamp thang walker" and revealed that it was one of the tribute walkers that Greg Nicotero has become famous for including in The Walking Dead episodes. On his Instagram page, Nicotero revealed that the "swamp thang walker" was a tribute to artist Bernie Wrightston, who is the co-creator of Swamp Thing.

The basic design of the walker is reminiscent of some of the classic zombie drawings that Wrightson has done.


The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights at 9 PM ET on AMC.