The Walking Dead: Five Iconic Scenes From the Comics That Didn't Make the Show

Michonne vs. the Governor in THE WALKING DEAD

With the big battle between Woodbury and Rick Grimes's group of survivors happening on tonight's episode, AMC's The Walking Dead is now a little less than halfway through the comics's 108-issue run (the Woodbury finale happened in #48). They've varied wildly from the comic book source material, with certain scenes and characters playing out wildly differently onscreen from the way they did on the page.

But which scenes from the comics were really missed?

Note: We only took things from the first 48 issues and we only took the ones we think the door is basically closed on from this point. Certain events could still happen, and those we left out.

And, obviously--spoilers.

1. Rick Goes Back For Zombie Shane

The impact of Shane's reanimation and his second death is diminished somewhat in the TV series.

In the comics, nobody knew when Shane died that he would reanimate--so they buried him like you do when your loved ones die. After Rick learned the truth, he returned to Shane's grave, waited for the walker to emerge, and re-killed him. The monologue Rick delivered went a long way toward defining their relationship--and some of that was carried into the show, but the exact scenario obviously wasn't.

2. Lori's Death

Sure, Lori died in the TV series--but it wasn't quite as sudden or shocking as it was in the comics.

The death-in-battle, and the death of the baby by extension...well, it might still happen for Judith, but for Lori? Well, it was a bit of an anticlimax for fans of the comics.

Rick Grimes loses his hand in THE WALKING DEAD3. Rick loses his hand

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has said that he regrets taking Rick's hand in the series--and so it seems as though, with the circumstances that led to his losing it in the comics having passed, the likelihood is that he won't in the TV series.

4. The Governor Tortures Michonne

Well, here's the thing - theoretically this could still happen, since the Governor obviously hates her and he's still around. But realistically, without a place to take her? It's unlikely the Governor gets over on Michonne without home field advantage, and that's long since gone.

5. The Governor's Gruesome Defeat


The flip side of that last thing? The way Michonne took him down. We've seen the Governor's first major defeat here, and the character's disappearance. And what didn't happen? He didn't lose a limb...or limbs.

Which, really, is too bad.