The Walking Dead Releases Michonne Tribute Video

The Walking Dead delivered an excellent tribute to Michonne this week. Everything was completely focused on her character and AMC wanted to give her a fitting send-off. “What We Become” revisited some of the biggest episodes over the course of the show’s run. There were some familiar faces in tow as well as the show decided to play around with some “What if?” for good measure. The best piece of the night could be that tribute video on social media though and the Danai Gurira commenting on it herself.

For those wondering if that’s the last they will ever see of the character. Brandon Davis of might have some good news for you. Scott Gimple, chief content officer of The Walking Dead, joined Talking Dead to discuss a bunch of things. Check out his read of the situation right here:

“With Michonne appearing on The Walking Dead for the last time in Sunday night's Episode 10x13, it is clear that Danai Gurira is expected to appear in the upcoming promised trilogy of films which will see Andrew Lincoln reprise his role as Rick Grimes. The Dead universe has been almost silent on the movie front as the show continues to roll on all cylinders, despite expansions and references to the character popping into the mix. With Gurira having exited the part in Sunday's episode and Michonne's story being left open-ended, she is supposed to reprise her role in the Rick Grimes movie.”

Scott Gimple previously said how weird it would be for fans to say goodbye to Michonne. He tweeted, “Things r weird, scary, & seeing peeps come together (while staying apart) is wonderful. Tonight, we have a weird, scary, wonderful goodbye to one of the all time greats, @DanaiGurira. We hope that, if u want, it can take u away from the hard parts of all of this for a while.”

Even the filming of this final episode was emotional for Gurira. She previously told all about the emotions of the day.


"I was finishing on the 4th of July so I didn't think anyone was gonna really be around," Gurira explained. "So they caught me the night before and I was totally off guard and it was just, everyone was gathered, there was this gorgeous cake that was Michonne with the sword and everything. Norman and, of course, Darrell Pritchett, the amazing man in charge of our special effects, they had this massive, really gorgeous, overwhelming fireworks display."

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