The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman & Todd McFarlane Discuss The Toys

Bicycle Girl Zombie

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman recently sat down with Todd McFarlane to talk Walking Dead toys. McFarlane Toys has been creating a series of toys for both the comic books and the AMC television series.

In this latest McFarlane Toys  video, Todd McFarlane shows off some figures from The Walking Dead TV Series 2 line. The Walking Dead TV Series 2 toys include Deputy Rick Grimes, Shane Walsh, Bicycle Girl Zombie, Well Zombie, and RV Zombie.

An interesting bit of trivia revealed by McFarlane is that the Bicycle Girl Zombie was not wearing pants in the TV series, but they had to create pants for her for the action figure line. We’re assuming that maybe some of the McFarlane Toys retailers might have had a problem with a pantless figure.

The Walking Dead TV Series 2 figures were released in stores in October. Todd McFarlane also reveals on the video that The Walking Dead TV Series 3 line will be coming out next year.