The Walking Dead Season 3 Cast Teases Violence, Shocking Deaths, And Lots Of Laughs

The Walking Dead Season 3 Poster

As The Walking Dead Season 3 grows closer, AMC continues to offer sneak peeks of the upcoming season. In a new four minute Walking Dead Season 3 video just released, the cast talks about what fans can expect to see.

While an often-head complain about the second season of The Walking Dead was that the pace was to slow, Andrew Lincoln (who plays Rick Grimes) assures fans that won’t be the case in the third season. Lincoln says, “The energy of the first..the opening episode certainly sets the tone. We hit the ground running.”

In addition to the faster pace, new cast member Danai Gurira (who playes Michonne) tells fans the new season will feature “probably a lot more violence.” Melissa McBride (who plays Carol) adds, “There’s going to be some new locations, very compelling new characters, shocking deaths, and hordes of zombies.”

Even though there will be lots of zombies, it appears that the focus will be more on the conflicts between the survivors. Norman Reedus (who plays Daryl) says that in season 3, “It’s a lot about people versus people, rather than people versus walkers.”

While most of the clip focuses on the pure horror of The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln does offer a dash of humor, when he sarcastically describes season 3 as having “lots of laughs and plenty of jokes.” The Walking Dead Season 3 premieres on Sunday, October 14 at 9 PM ET on AMC.