The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan Talks Saying Goodbye To Those Who Have Died

wd-maggie-lightAs part of AMC's ongoing series of behind-the-scenes interviews with cast members of The Walking Dead on the network blog, series star Lauren Cohan was quizzed about the loss of her character's family in over the course of the last season or so, and how it impacts Cohan.

It informs her performance, fo course, but more than that, she's losing co-stars with whom she's been close for years.

You can check out a piece of their interview below:

Q: What was the hardest thing about shooting the Season 5 Mid-Season Finale where Beth dies?

A: As a group and definitely for Maggie, it’s the powerlessness – finding out she’s alive and then getting there too late. It’s the sheer tragedy of being moments too late and seeing Daryl bringing Beth outside like a helpless, little broken doll. Beth’s character is so pure and for it to happen to her – it completely crushes your hopes in that world.

Q: You’ve mentioned really appreciating your father-daughter relationship with Scott Wilson on-screen. Was it hard to say goodbye to Hershel?

A: Definitely. Beth and Hershel are these pillars of light that are ripped from the group’s lives and you don’t understand why. It’s really hard to process the loss of these characters and we all get so close in these extreme situations together. As actors, we go through these big journeys and we are a family, no matter what, even when people leave the show.


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