These Caring Gamers Want To Make Harambe Into A Pokemon

it's still a genuinely nice gesture if the groups are indeed doing it for the right reasons, and [...]


Harambe, the poor gorilla euthanized at the Cincinnatti Zoo earlier this year, lives on in the hearts and minds of the denizens of the internet, especially Pokemon fans. There's even a group of dedicated fans out there looking to turn tragedy into something positive. There's a brand new petition asking for the deceased gorilla to be given immortality as an official Pokemon in the next Pokemon Sun and Moon release.

The petition is addressed to Nintendo, kindly asking the publisher as well as The Pokemon Company to immortalize the gorilla as an adorable starter Pokemon named Hambo and a full-on gorilla as the "full evolution," Harambe. The custom artwork for the petition is surprisingly professional-looking, but it should be nothing but the best for poor Harambe, the gorilla that should never have died in the first place. Look at Harambe and Hambo's moves -- they even say "Meat Shield." If that's not attention to detail, I don't know what is.

The petition itself has already reached a whopping 30,000 signatures out of the 35,000 it seeks to amass, though petitions don't exactly mean changes are going to come just because names are appended to a list. It's still a very heartfelt notion to include a fallen animal that died a very unavoidable death, and with characters that have been created in the name of humans who have lost their lives, it makes sense that we could do the same for a beautiful and majestic creature like Harambe.

If you're interested in signing, you can check out the official petition here. If the petition doesn't change anything (and unfortunately it likely won't) it's still a genuinely nice gesture if the groups are indeed doing it for the right reasons, and at the very least perhaps Harambe could get his very own special inclusion in Pokemon Go, or a special Poke Stop in memoriam.

Do you want to see Harambe memorialized in the upcoming Pokemon games? What's your take on the situation?