This Samus Fan Film Will Make You Want A Metroid Movie

(Photo: Rainfall Films)

While its been a while since the series has seen a major release, Metroid is one of Nintendo's most beloved franchises, and unique from the company's other intellectual properties in a few ways. The most obvious is that its protagonist is a woman, Samus Aran, but also in how deviates from the whimsy normally associated with Nintendo to court existential dread and an atmosphere of isolation (except for Other M, but the less said about that game the better).

Rainfall Film has created a fan film that captures that unique feel of Metroid game. Starring Jessica Chobot as Samus, Metroid : The Sky Calls sees the heroine in dire straits on a mysterious and seemingly deserted planet, until she gets a message from a most unexpected source.

Rainfall Studios does the job so well that it makes you hope to see something similar on the big screen. Nintendo has been hesitant to return to Hollywood after the Super Mario Bros. disaster, and you have to wonder if the quiet atmosphere would be sacrificed in favor of more shoot-outs with space pirates.


Anyway, enjoy the film. I'm going to see if I can find my copy of Metroid Prime.