Thor: The Dark World Is (So Far) The Best-Reviewed Superhero Movie of 2013

Thor The Dark World Review

One day after the embargo lifted and with fewer than a dozen professional reviewers accounted for, Thor: The Dark World is carrying an 80% "Fresh" rating on the movie review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, making it the highest-rated superhero movie of 2013.

Man of Steel earned only 56%, although early reviews were ecstatic and it took a sharp downturn on the second day (so, uh, watch out for that). Iron Man 3, meanwhile, scored a 79% from critics. Kick-Ass 2, while most people don't really perceive it as being in the same league as the big two, also scored poorly, with only 30%.

It's probably worth noting that 2011's Thor rated a 77%, which is enough to be "certified fresh," the website's commendation for any movie that averages more than 75% based on a certain number of critics' reviews.