Todd McFarlane Teases Academy Award Winner Star For R-Rated Spawn Movie

It's been a while since we received any news on the upcoming "Spawn" movie, but the Spawn creator himself, Todd McFarlane, has finally provided a few updates.

In a self-described Halloween treat, McFarlane posted a Facebook video teasing the film's latest development. Calling the film "cool and creepy," McFarlane also revealed that it will indeed have an "R" rating. That's good news for Spawn purists, meaning that the film will embrace its macabre comic book roots. He also slipped that the film might feature material not seen in the pages of "Spawn." Whether that's new characters, concepts, or just unimagined ways in which Spawn will slaughter evil-doers, remains to be seen.

But McFarlane's biggest bombshell was that an Academy Award-Winning actor was set to play a significant role. McFarlane described it the actor's role as an "antagonist/protagonist," so it's difficult to tell if he merely misspoke, or was referred to Spawn's nature as an anti-hero. Still, the Academy Award nugget narrows the speculation down to a few dozen candidates. Looks like it's time to play Guess Who?.

Check out the video below.


Stay tuned to for more news on the "Spawn reboot"—and the state of McFarlane's head.