Twin Peaks: Who Killed Laura Palmer? Fans Watch in Real Time Starting Today

Twin Peaks logo

Fans of the cult sensation Twin Peaks know that it was February 23, 1989 when Laura Palmer wrote in her diary, "Tonight is the night that I die."

The next morning, her body was found on a beach, wrapped in plastic, and from there, the short-lived but much-loved series takes off. The thirty episodes, which aired over the course of two seasons, actually took a little more than a month to play out for the characters living through them, according to the best guesses of fans who maintain the website Who Killed Laura Palmer?.

It's an interactive calendar, beginning on February 23, which gives viewers a way to watch the series unfold in "real time," beginning with the prequel film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.

Since that film was made after the series was cancelled, though, and it spoils nearly every major plot beat in the first season and a half or so, fans who haven't seen the series yet should begin on February 24--that's today, or at least it is here on the east coast where it's after 1 a.m.

The pilot episode takes place the day after Laura's death, beginning with the discovery of her body and, shortly thereafter, the arrival in town of an eccentric, brilliant FBI agent with a penchant for black coffee and cherry pie.


It's been too long since I re-watched this brilliant series; perhaps I'll give this method a try, and keep notes.

Starting them, of course, with "Diane...".