Tyler James Williams Confirms He's Read For Marvel, Talks Spider-Man Rumors


The Walking Dead and Everybody Hates Chris actor Tyler James Williams revealed in a recent interview that he has read for Marvel. He also, comments on being suggested by Spider-Man fans to be considered for Miles Morales.

"I kind of followed the Miles Morales character quite a bit - my brother really did, so he suggested if it goes that way it could work," Williams said to Flicks And The City. "And I'm open to the idea, I am. I'm not like starting campaigns for it because I trust Marvel. I've read for them before. So I trust what their decisions will be. But yeah, I'd love to do it. I would absolutely love to do it. I think there are a few names in the hat that absolutely do make sense. Kind of who is the best for it. I'd be stoked to do it." 

Listen to his comments starting at the 1:48 mark in the video below.


Would you like to see Williams as Miles Morales?