Uncanny Avengers: Cassaday Out, Acuña In As New Regular Artist

Following a rocky start and early-issue delays, Uncanny Avengers artist John Cassaday has been officially replaced by Daniel Acuña beginning with the series' sixth issue, coming in March.

Cassaday's final issue on the title will be #4, with Olivier Coipel subbing in on the fifth issue before Acuña takes over full-time with #6, which sees Thor facing off against Apocalypse in the 11th Century as part of a story called Ragnarok Now.

"A lot of the foundational stuff is picking up from the [the Uncanny X-Force storyline] 'Dark Angel Saga'," said writer Rick Remender during Marvel's Next Big Thing press conference.

He added that "This has been a story that we've been reworking for so long now," and will deal with Archangel having impregnated Pestilence in 'The Dark Angel Saga. "This is something that has a magnitude and scope that I don't think anyone will anticipate."