Valiant Comics Gets a New Logo


According to a press release made early this morning, Valiant Comics will launch a new logo along with its rebooted titles and universe this summer; the image, seen at left, was created by award-winning graphic designer Rian Hughes (2000 AD, Dan Dare), who also reimagined the titles' individual logos as well as the publisher's trade dress. After talking comic book covers and exclusive variants for people who put Valiant titles on their monthly pull lists, this may be a little less exciting for the consumer, but it's an important step in establishing Valiant as a publisher looking forward to the future, as opposed to a relic of the '90s trading on nostalgia. "The day that Valiant titles return to the shelves of comics shops worldwide is one that fans have been eagerly awaiting for some time," said Valiant CEO Jason Kothari. "This powerful, yet versatile new logo is the perfect way to signify a new era for Valiant both as a company and a premier creative brand." The new logo retains the "compass" aspect of the Valiant logo that has been present since the publisher was founded in 1989, as well as the basic color scheme, but features a bolder and less '90s look and what appears to be a custom font by Hughes that only somewhat resembles the old Valiant logotype. "Rian and our Executive Editor Warren Simons put an incredible amount of energy into making sure that the new logo and the look of the books themselves accurately reflect our perspective on what the Valiant Universe was and can be," said Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani. The company is set to return to monthly comics publishing this summer with four new monthly titles: X-O Manowar #1 in May, Harbinger #1 in June, Bloodshot #1 in July, and Archer & Armstrong #1 in August. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="1"]