Vin Diesel Announces New Riddick Movie And A TV Spinoff Series


Get ready for Riddick IV and a TV spinoff series. The Riddick series started way back in 2000 with Pitch Black, which proved to be a sleeper hit grossing $53 million worldwide on a budget of $23 million.

Pitch Black was followed by two sequels: The Chronicles of Riddick in 2004 and Riddick in 2013. Now, Vin Diesel has taken to Instagram to announce a fourth movie in the series, which will be directed by David Twohy, who was responsible for all three previous installments in the franchise.


In a surprising twist, Diesel also announced that Riddick will get a spinoff TV series. Vin Diesel wrote, "Last night Our company had a party to launch Our TV division. Very exciting. MERC CITY is a show that will follow the Mercs and Bounty Hunters of the Riddick Universe. Next Month, DT begins writing the next Chapter in the Chronicles of Riddick... FURIA. #HappyFurianFriday."