Want A Cremation Urn Shaped like Superman Or Indiana Jones?

Not even death and cremation can stop geeks from cosplaying for all eternity

Cremation Solutions, a cremation services company, is now offering custom-made urns designed like Superman and Indiana Jones. That’s right, only in death can you truly become larger-than-life icons. Taking a small portion of one’s cremated ashes, the company then places it inside the urn’s head. If that didn’t sound freaky enough, Cremation Solutions will mold the urn’s head to each customer’s likeness with 3-D facial recognition software. Why have the family remember you for the person you were, when they could retrofit you into the Man of Steel? Just think of all the lovely dinner conversations you could inspire as the world’s most baffling mantlepiece.

Each urn measure 12” tall with multiple points of articulation. So really, these urns are more like action figures. What better fate could a fanboy ask for than that? Each urn will run you $100, but you’ll—you know—be dead and all that. Believe us when we say it’s an investment that will last you a lifetime.