Westworld: Did Episode 2 Just Tease Different Worlds?

Two episodes into the new HBO series, Westworld, and audiences have had their brains twisted multiple times. The series premiere left us with with the startling revelation that some of the hosts were more aware of their surroundings than they let on. The second episode, titled Chesnut, had another twist in its ending.

This one, however, may not have been quite as obvious.

WARNING: From here on out, we wil dive into spoilers from the second episode of Westworld.

As most know, Westworld isn't an original idea from the folks at HBO. Instead, it's based on a 1973 film of the same name, written and directed by Jurassic Park creator, Michael Crichton.

The film was well before its time, and the concept didn't catch with that audience like it has with today's. Westworld was more of a cult classic, that gained popularity as technology advanced.

While many of the themes and detailes of the new series have closely resembled the original movie, there has been on stark contrast so far.

In the movie, Westworld was one of three parks you could visit.

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 8.46.37 PM

In addition to Westworld, the original concept contained Medieval World and Roman World. Guests could visit any one of the three attractions, and have a completely different experience. Medieval World and Westworld were actually connected at a time.

This is where the modern show is headed with its next expansion.

When the developers pitched the new adventure for Westworld, Odyssey On The Red River, Dr. Ford immediately turned them down.

This seemed like a shock after such a well put together presentation, but Ford has always had a unique way of doing things.

He says the new stories are no more than cheap thrills, and that it's simply, "not enough."

He wanted something more, something that could keep guests on their toes. Something new for a guest to discover and fall in love with.

When Ford takes Bernard on the journey at the end of the episode, they stop at a steeple that looks completely out of place.


This is probably because it's a connection to Medieval World that he has been "working on for some time. Somthing quite original."

There has been no confirmation that this will turn into a new level of the maze that leads a guest into Medieval World, but the signs are surely pointing to it.