Westworld Showrunners Comment On Game Of Thrones Crossover Possibility

HBO is well-known for putting out excellent original programming that engrosses and excites viewers. We're only three episodes into the new sci-fi series Westworld and it's already proven to be a hit, with promising of being, "the next Game of Thrones."

So much so, that fans are leading towards a crossover between the two series. Now, this may seem impossible considering that Westworld and Game of Thrones are drastically different, but in the original movie that Westworld is based on visitors could also visit another park - Medieval World.

It might actually be possible to send a guest over to "Westeros World" to ride on Drogon, visit one of Little Finger's brothels, duel with Jon Snow, or even catch King Tommen as he falls from an open castle window.

(Photo: HBO)

However, if that happened, it would make all of Westeros fake and turn all of our favorite characters into robots.

George R.R. Martin even mentioned the crossover idea to the Westworld showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy months before their series premiered.

In a recent interview with EW, they both responded to the crossover thing:

"He's a lovely guy and a stunning writer and it's flattering he would encourage a crossover. We should be so lucky."

Joy added, "I need to be believe that dragons are real. I want them be a real thing. So as much as I love George, I can't lose that for myself!"


Based on their comments, this sounds a like a big no. However, it also means that we may end up seeing Medieval World, just not in Westeros.

Westworld airs every Sunday on HBO at 8 p.m. and Season 7 of Game of Thrones will debut in 2017.