What We Want To See In The Second Half of The Flash

The Flash is back in less than two weeks, and since the show has been moving full speed all year [...]

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The Flash is back in less than two weeks, and since the show has been moving full speed all year long, there's still quite a bit of catching-up to do.

Yeah, see that? We can do speed puns, too.

So...what are the biggest things we hope to see in the second half of the first season? Read on...


What's Wells' deal?

Honestly, I could go without learning the exact nature of the Reverse Flash if I had to, but Harrison Wells? At this point I really, really want to know what his deal is. I'm hoping that once we hear his backstory, a lot of other pieces will snap into place and we'll be able to see a bigger picture the writers have been crafting under our noses all along.


Resolve the damn love story

Please note, CW brass: Not every love story needs to be tortured.

In the comics, Barry Allen and Iris West have been together for far more years than they've been apart. Their offspring are characters in their own right in the DC Universe, and it would be nice to see those characters play a role down the line should the series make it that far.

But we need to stop with the will-they-or-won't-they and just get the couple together already. I'm far from a shipper in most instances, but here? The longer the quasi-romance is dragged on, the more we're forced to think about the fact that they're adopted brother and sister in this version of the mythology which -- as reactions to Savage Dragon #200 remind us -- still squicks a lot of viewers out.

Oh,  yeah -- and reveal your damn identity already.


Deal with Firestorm

There is a Jason Rusch cast for the series as well as Professor Stein. Who's going to be who?

We'll likely find out this weekend, as the pair pictured above are among those slated for an appearance at the Television Critics Association. Still, we want to see a heroic Firestorm, not a confused, enraged amnesiac.

Let's get there, shall we?


Time travel

We already know that there is time-travel in this series. We hope to find out what role it's playing in the show as it exists now, and what the ground rules are for using it later on. During the Mark Waid run on The Flash -- one that clearly has inspired the show pretty profoundly -- time travel was essentially a regular part of Wally West's power set. Could we see that here? Could we see a version of Flashpoint? Could we see Booster Gold and the Linear Men or Time Masters?

So many questions, all with really enticing answers.



Oh, come on. Tell me you don't want to see a superintelligent monkey with super powers attacking the city.

He could also serve as an "in" to our "5a" answer, which is introducing and understanding the Speed Force.