Why The Duplass Brothers Passed On Directing A Big-Budget Superhero Movie


Filmmaking brothers Mark and Jay Duplass are known for making critically acclaimed indie movies like Jeff Who Lives at Home and Cyrus as well as HBO's well-regarded television series Togetherness. With the current trend of indie auteurs (Gareth Edwards, Colin Trevorrow and Josh Trank) making the leap to big-budget films it is only a matter of time until Hollywood comes knocking for the Duplass brothers.

Actually, it already has. Earlier this month at the Writers Guild Foundation the Duplass brothers were asked if they have been approached to direct a Marvel or DC superhero film.

“We have been,” Mark responded, though, he wouldn't divulge the film nor the studio that approached them. “We said no. The thing that happens when you sign on to a $180 million movie is that the movie is not a movie. It’s a commodity. We’re not in that business.”

“It’s very easy to blow people’s minds in Hollywood,” added Jay. “Just say no. Now, if it were Batman and Robin as a 98 percent relationship drama in the Bat Cave … I would bet that’s 12,000 people’s favorite movie.”

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If I had to guess? I would bet the Duplass brothers were offered Thor: Ragnarok. I say that because they fit the same out-of-the-box selection Marvel Studios made by going with What We Do in the Shadows' Taika Waititi. But like I said, that's just a guess.

Which superhero film do you think they passed on?