Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For An Otaku Live-Action Film Shares First Look

What do you get if you take NBC's The Office but you were to make Jim a hardcore gamer and Pam a Yaoi fangirl? Well, you'd get Wotakoi: Live Is Hard For An Otaku of course! The series, which originally premiered in 2014 as a webcomic, in manga format, the property eventually received its own anime series, with eleven episodes, as well as its own "Original Video Animation". Now the franchise is making another comeback with an upcoming live action feature length film and the series has released it's first shots from the upcoming movie.

Online News Source Honey's Anime released the first sneak peek of the live action adaptation on its Official Twitter Account, showing off the actors that will be bringing Narumi and Hirotaka to life for its worldwide debut in February 2020:

There have been a lot of "slice of life" comedy animes that focus on a star crossed pair of lovers attempting to get past their differences to start their lives with one another, but we haven't seen one that takes two protgaonists that have different otaku loves themselves! Both Hirotaka and Narumi work at the same office, harboring a crush for one another, but the two discover their individual passions and wonder if they can still possibly make this new relationship work.

(Photo: A-1 Pictures)

The original anime was brought to life by A-1 Pictures, the same creative force behind the Sword Art Online series, and is currently available to stream for those who have yet to see the comedic anime on Amazon Prime. With the upcoming live action adaptation, we'll have to see if this renews an interest in the series and potentially revisits the world of Wotakoi. Certainly, the series also seems like it would be prime material for an American television adaptation, considering how well office romance comedies have worked in the past.

The manga is actually more popular than you may have thought, ranking as the fourth highest selling story for Kondansha Comics, even managing to surpass Seven Deadly Sins! It's no surprise that the dedicated fanbase to this property would eventually propel it to a live action adaptation, and for those who want to jump on board, the manga is still running to this day.


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