Would John Wesley Shipp Wear A Flash Suit In Flash Season Two?

John Wesley Shipp knows a thing or two about passing the baton. As the original television Flash from CBS' 90's Flash TV series, Shipp has found new life in the DC Universe as Henry Allen in The CW's Flash. As Barry Allen's wrongfully imprisioned Father, Henry has become the emotional rock that Barry seeks in his darkest hours.

But a man can only do so much behind bars. As Henry Allen moves into the Flash's second season, the chances of his release from prison feel like they're inching ever closer to the side of freedom. At least, that's what Shipp thinks. But even if this universe's Henry stays an imprisoned man, who's to say there isn't another…let's call it, "Scarlet" Henry out in the multiverse somewhere. During San Diego Comic Con International, Shipp spoke to reporters about the possibilities of a speedster Henry Allen, when the character might get out of prison, and the intense father/son relationship between he and Barry Allen.

So do you get out of jail this season?
Well obviously, a big part of season one was Barry trying to prove his father's innocence and get him out of jail. There has to be some kind of resolution to that, and i think it need stop come pretty quickly. Now I absolutely cannot tell you what that is, but I'll tel you it's always going to be a surprise. It could be anything. What choices do we have? Henry stays in prison, Henry gets out of prison, or Henry dies in prison. Who knows?Just han on for the ride.

With the Multiverse a part of Season 2, some people have speculated online that The Flash may have a world where you're The Flash again, like in the old CBS series. Would you ever put on the red costume again?
You know, all of these things are in play, and since they're all Warner Bros. properties, anything is possible.

So would you put on the Flash costume again?
Well, with all the new technology…I don;t know. We'll see. I'm so in awe of Greg, and Andrew, and Jeff, and what they can do. It's like what Mark Hammil said when he came back. He was like really? the Trickster I could barely fit into the unitard back then. But they way that thery brought him back worked out for what he turned out to be. So I would totally trust them, particularly given the evidence of the first season, that id they wanted to do that, then I would feel protected.

How will we see Barry and Henry's relationship progress this season?
The main focus right now is getting Henry out of prison. But I love the way the show has utilized me. People wanted me to play Jay Garrick, as an official passing of the torch, but I said to everyone, "you're going to get that. I know why you want Jay Garrick, but my involvement won't be as on the nose. You're going to get the passing of the torch in the form of a father/son blessing.But the way they've used m, the fact that I can come in at important moments and not be overexposed, it great. When Larry need to crumble, when he needs to go inside himself, he goes to his Dad. And as someone who's played that part, and knows what he's going through—those interactions become John and Grant talking more than Henry and Barry talking.
I always knew Grant had it. When I first saw Grant on Arrow, I couldn't see any acting seams. I had a feeling we would work well together, but it's gone even better than I expected.
Could we potentially se you interact with Tom Cavanagh in any way?
I would love that. If and when—I would imagine—Henry gets out of prison, I would think that there would be more opportunities for stuff like that.

Are there any standout scenes from season one that you loved shooting?
The pilot episode that David Nutter directed. When we go to filming that final scene, they introduced some dialogue that they purposefully left out of the script. They said that they wrote it to honor the respect of the character that I created. It was great.
But the scene that really gets me is the one in the infirmary, where i have the Flash's picture. And I said, "If the Flash were my son, I'd tell him some things." Henry didn't say "I know you're the Flash, so cut with the pretense." What a beautiful scene to film, and door to walk through. It was a wonderful moment.


The Flash's second season premieres on October 6 on The CW.

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