X-Files Writer Joe Harris To Announce New Project This Week--And Ghost Projekt Soon


There's not much in the way of information to go on, but Great Pacific and The X-Files: Season Ten writer Joe Harris will apparently announce a new, original (and presumably creator-owned) title this week, according to remarks he just made on Facebook. Here's the comment:

"GREAT PACIFIC #10 is finally out this week! And then there's the matter of THE X-FILES: SEASON 10 #4 to contend with! PLUS... there's a pretty BIG f---ing announcement coming re: another original series of mine. This week and I have linked up to rain sweet devastation down upon you all."

He certainly doesn't give much in the way of clues, except saying "another original series of mine" rather than "another new original series" or something struck us as a little odd. That's when we remembered that recently, Harris told his friends and followers on Facebook that they should "like" the page for Ghost Projekt, a supernatual thriller graphic novel created by Harris and artist Steve Rolston. Back on September 3, the Ghost Projekt page alerted fans, "WATCH THIS SPACE. NEWS. SOON." Back in 2011, Syfy acquired the TV rights and were developing a new series based on Ghost Projekt--but like Syfy's Booster Gold pilot, it seemed to be a lot of enthusiasm that amounted to nothing. The comic was a five-issue miniseries released in 2010 as a supernatural mystery/thriller from Oni Press, the publisher of Queen & Country and Whiteout. This week's announcement could just as easily be an entirely new project from Harris, but the timing of the recent Ghost Projekt teases followed by a "big f---ing announcement" coming this week struck us. For Harris's part, when reached for comment, he couldn't say what's planned for Ghost Projekt or what this week's big announcement is--but teased that when it comes, it probably won't be what we think. More on this later in the week.