X-Men's Mansion Is Now On Google Maps

Looking for directions to the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning, Google Maps can help.

The premiere school for mutant students, the Xavier Institute is located at Greymalkin Ln, Westchester County 1407 North Salem, NY 10560. The school is part of the town of North Salem, according to Google Maps.

Founded by philanthropist and mutant rights activist Professor Charles Xavier, the school's motto is mutatis mutantdis which the Latin translation means changing only those things which need to be changed.

Formerly known as Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, the Xavier Institute is also the base of the X-Corporation, an organization dedicated to ensuring the protection mutant rights. It is also postulated that the school is the secret base of mutant freedom fighters, the X-Men.


Ororo Munroe is the current headmistress for the prestigious academy.