Yuri On Ice Season One Finale Teases Sequel Possibility

Last night, one of this season’s biggest anime came to an end. The finale of Yuri on Ice’s first season left fans biting their nails as they watched Yuri Katsuki skate against some of his biggest rivals for the Grand Prix final. The anime’s ensemble cast did their best to land a gold medal at the event, but the finale shined with its exploration of Yuri’s relationship with Victor Nikiforov. And, before the final episode came to an end, Yuri on Ice teased fans that there would be more stories to come.

So far, there is no official word that hints at whether Yuri on Ice will return, but it seems likely. The 12th episode ended with a final panel which featured the following text: “See You NEXT LEVEL.” The frame has fans in a frenzy over whether a second season of Yuri On Ice will be announced in the coming months, and MAPPA Studio would be insane to not pursue another season.

This year, Yuri on Ice dominated online chatter amongst anime fans worldwide. The anime series was the most discussed over on Twitter, and sites like Tumblr were inundated with viewers who couldn’t get enough of Yuri on Ice. The show debuted in Japan back in October, and Crunchyroll has been streaming the series for international fans. Funimation has been rolling out steady English dub updates for fans who don’t enjoy reading subs.

If last night’s finale has already escaped you, then you can get a quick rundown of it here. The episode kicked off with Yuri and Victor having a rather tense conversation. The finale started with Yuri asking Victor to return to ice skating after the Grand Prix ended. The choice would force Yuri out of his sports career, and Victor was not pleased with the proposition. The two argued, and Yuri was left conflicted before he performed his final routines for the tournament.

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(Photo: MAPPA)

Once the final got underway, Yuri and his competitors hit the ice and left everything they had on the rink. Despite his waning confidence, Yuri managed to perform his routine without any major errors and even landed the quad flip which he had been trying to nail all season long. Having beaten Victor’s highest Grand Prix score, Yuri was a shoe-in for gold before Yuri Pilsetsky performed an all-kill routine. The Grand Prix title went to the young Russian skater while Japan’s Yuri was left the silver. The episode then ended with Yuri begging Victor to continue training him, and Yuri on Ice left fans wondering where the duo would go moving forward.


So, what do you think? Would you like to see Yuri on Ice return for a second season? Let us know what you want from the groundbreaking rom-com in the comments below!

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