Zombieland, Other Amazon Pilots Now Online

0commentsZOMBIELAND TV series poster from Amazon Studios

Amazon has posted fourteen original streaming "television" pilots online, free to Amazon Prime users. Among the pilots is Zombieland, the anticipated web TV pilot based on the cult-hit 2009 feature film. While none of the original cast came back for the TV series (they're all pretty well-established feature film stars these days), the writers behind the feature version were carried over to the small screen. And while Bill Murray, who famously made a cameo appearance in the movie, may not appear in Zombieland, he did make a guest appearance in Alpha House, the John Goodman-led political comedy that Amazon has released. The shows, so far just the kids' shows and comedies--including Zombieland as well as the much-anticipated Onion News Empire and the sci-fi comedies SupaNatural and Dark Minions--can be viewed for free, with viewers voting on the website for which shows are the best and should be brought to series. You can check out the Zombieland trailer below.