AMC's The Walking Dead Personality Test Determines Your Survival Time In A Zombie Apocalypse

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AMC has just released a brand new personality test game for The Walking Dead. The free-to-play game is called The Walking Dead Survival Game: How Long Would You Survive in a Zombie Apocalypse? Here's AMC's description of the game: "When the dead rise and the world ends, each day presents a new set of obstacles and challenges. To succeed means surviving long enough to face the next day's danger; to fail means joining the hordes of undead. How long would you survive in such a landscape?" In the game, players are asked a series of seven questions. Based on the player's answers, their post-apocalyptic lifespan is determined. The game was released today in advance of AMC's two-day marathon of The Walking Dead beginning on New Year's Eve day, December 31, at 9 AM ET/PT. Starting with the pilot, Walking Dead episodes will air back-to-back in chronological order until 5 AM ET on January 2, 2014.