Did Norman Reedus Confirm A Major Walking Dead Death This Summer?


Spoilers ahead for season six, episode three, titled "Thank You," of The Walking Dead.

Tonight's episode of The Walking Dead left us all wondering one big thing: Is Glenn dead?

While many of us refuse to believe our favorite pizza boy is actually zombie chow, Norman Reedus may have actualyl confirmed the death months ago at San Diego Comic Con.

In the video below, The Walking Dead cast members and producers discuss which characters they would bring back to the show if given the chance. While many reflect on Shane and Lori, Norman Reedus bursts out from an apparent slumber in Melissa McBride's lap to say, "Glenn!" Greg Nicotero and Andrew Lincoln react somewhat shocked but possibly trying to sell the fake-out, while Nicotero says, "Glenn is still alive," because at the time, there was no debate.

While some may take Reedus' outburst as confirmation of Glenn's death, I think he was just toying with the hundreds of thousands of people expected to watch the video, and possibly even thinking ahead to tonight's moment in time where we're all wondering if Glenn is actually gone.


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