Finn Balor Reliquishes WWE Universal Championship Due to Injury

Finn Balor bio
(Photo: WWE) reported earlier today that Finn Balor injured his shoulder during his match against Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship. Although Balor emerged victorious, it was feared that the injury was serious, as an MRI scan revealed a possible labrum tear.

Minutes ago, Mick Foley announced on Twitter that Balor had relinquished the WWE Universal Championship due to his injury, ending his title reign before it even started.

Balor's loss is a pretty big blow to the WWE, as the 34 year old Irishmen was positioned to become one of RAW's top wrestlers with the win. Balor was one of RAW's first round draft picks at last month's draft and had won a major victory over Roman Reigns to earn a shot at the WWE Universal Championship. It's clear that the WWE had big plans for Balor and his injury likely changes several months of plans.

The WWE confirmed that Balor will need surgery and will be out a minimum of six months with the injury.

Balor's injury is just the latest WWE star to suffer a major shoulder in recent months. Sami Zayn, Randy Orton, Cesaro, Hideo Itami, and John Cena have all been sidelined by major shoulder injuries, forcing them off television for months.


So who will take Balor's place as Monday Night RAW's new "top guy"? The two most likely candidates are Rollins and Reigns. Rollins' first WWE Championship reign was cut short by a major knee injury last November, while Reigns' most recent title run ended at Money in the Bank, likely due to a Wellness Policy Violation.

We'll likely get a clue as to what happens next to the Universal Championship on tonight's episode of RAW. Obviously, this is not how the WWE wanted to kick off its newest title's history.