Friday The 13th Producer Says Film Is Now On The Right Track

Since the last Friday the 13th film was released in February 2009 — the Marcus Nispel-directed [...]

Since the last Friday the 13th film was released in February 2009 — the Marcus Nispel-directed reboot earned $90 million at the worldwide box office (against a budget of $19 million) — the next installment in the slasher franchise has endured many false starts, but Platinum Dunes co-founder Brad Fuller now believes the next film in the series is headed in the right direction.

"We have a great writer – Aaron Guzikowski is writing the script. Aaron wrote Prisoners. He's a better writer than we deserve for this franchise. He's fantastic," Fuller told This is Infamous. "The script that he has come up with is really great, and we got it a couple weeks ago. We gave our notes to Aaron, the studio gave their notes to Aaron, and we're waiting for the script to come back."

"Yes, there have been false starts – some of them self-created," he continued. "I didn't want to do a found footage version of that movie, and there were some people who wanted that to happen. As long as that was the case, I was dragging my feet because I thought we'd get killed. And it just didn't feel like the right way to make the movie. We are on the right track now to make the movie the right way."

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In December 2009, a sequel was being developed by Paramount and New Line, written by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, but it was nixed in 2010 before filming ever started. In 2013, Warner Bros., the parent company of New Line, traded away their rights to the franchise, and a week later, Paramount announced a partnership with Platinum Dunes on a new Friday the 13th movie. In early 2015, V/H/S director David Bruckner was brought in to helm the film, based on a script by Nick Antosca (NBC's Hannibal), but both of them have already moved on to other things.

The next Friday the 13th movie is scheduled for release on Jan. 13, 2017.