Guardians of the Galaxy Thrill Ride Preview at Disney's California Adventure

Good bye Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, hello Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: BREAKOUT!

Next summer Disney's California Adventure will be opening their newest ride, a Guardians of the Galaxy thrill ride. The new ride will be in place of the old Tower of Terror free falling elevator ride that has sparked unnecessary elevator fear in the hearts of children for years.

Rumor has it that the general mechanics of the ride will be very similar – i.e. guests will board a vehicle that will drop them at free fall a random number of times. However, Nerdist recently reported that the ride will feature a variety of random audio-visual elements that will create a different experience every time a guest rides. This will be similar to the Star Tours update from 2011.

No matter what is rumored to be inside the ride, what fans do know is that everything about this new thrill ride will be Guardians of the Galaxy themed. The tower itself has been transformed into a fortress-like warehouse that looks similar to modern day power plants. The colors come straight from the pages of the comics, and the building is sure to be eye catching both during the day and after dark.

Inside, guests will get to see many of the rare and unique things the Collector has gathered from across the universe, including the guardians themselves. At some point, guests will have to help escape with the guardians, which is where all the thrills will ensue – especially for Chris Pratt fans because all of the original cast members have returned for the visual scenes.

Though there has been a lot of controversy over Disney's decision to change out the beloved Tower of Terror, many fans believe that this ride change is likely the first step in the building of a "Marvel Land" type of area. Though Disney has not officially announced such a plan, unlike the upcoming Star Wars themed area at Walt Disney World, many believe it's unlikely that Disney will only have one Marvel themed ride.

If a Marvel area plan is going to be announced, it's likely to happen at the 2017 D23 convention next year. The new ride will also open in the summer of 2017 concurrent with the release of the film's sequel, Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2.


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