Is Morales Returning In The Walking Dead Season 6?

You remember Morales. He was The Walking Dead's family man from the first season. He, his wife, [...]

You remember Morales. He was The Walking Dead's family man from the first season. He, his wife, and their two kids strayed from from Rick's group, heading to Birmingham, when everyone else trekked to the CDC in Atlanta. So will he come back for The Walking Dead's sixth season? I think so.

The speculation of his return has built up, settled down, built up again, and so on... But season six seems like the most likely window for Morales to return if he is ever going to.

First of all, a promotional image of Morales popped up a few months ago which people associated with the companion series, Fear The Walking Dead and Juan G. Pareja's name was tossed into the IMDb page for the series. Now, the IMDb page can't be held accountable with 100% certainty (and his name has since been removed), but if the promotional image of the actor in character was indeed real and new, he must have some involvement with one of AMC's series and it is probably not Fear. Plus, it indicates he's "NOT DEAD."

How would he fit into the story, though? Well, let's look at the comics.

In the comics, Morgan is not a major player at Alexandria. Morgan reaches the Safe-Zone with the group and becomes a chef, but ironically after becomes zombie chow in the "No Way Out" storyline, which the Walking Dead's sixth season could likely adapt. Will Morgan meet his doom so quickly when the show returns? Probably not. He does seem to be a focal point of the story. Plus, he and Rick have a lot of unfinished business.

But what does this have to do with Morales? Stay with me. Morgan is a certified bad-a--, now. He carries that stick, has ninja moves, and will probably wind up saving some survivors with his abilities. Remind you of anyone from the comics? How about Paul "Jesus" Monroe? If Morgan is going to be the ninja-warrior replacement of Jesus, - which is only a theory at this point - who is going to fill in his connections to the Hilltop Community and other civilized groups? Morales, that's who.

When Morales left the group in hopes of finding his family, he realized there was no hope or likelihood of finding them. He came across the Hilltop Community in its early days and soon joined it. If Michonne and Abraham can still find him, they won't know who he is. When he is introduced to Rick, it will be a happy reunion between him, Glenn, Carol, Daryl, and Carl--but also a sad moment to reflect on those lost, like Shane, Lori, Sophia, Dale and Andrea, who were still breathing when Morales was around.

What do you think? Will Morales return to The Walking Dead or will Paul Monroe still pop up and lead Rick and company to greater civilization? Maybe both?

The Walking Dead returns October 11 on AMC.