It Looks Like Lexi Alexander May Direct An Episode of Wynonna Earp Next Season

Wynonna Earp

Wynonna Earp, the Syfy series based on Beau Smith's supernatural Western comic book series of the same name, recently got renewed for a second season, and it looks like Punisher: War Zone director Lexi Alexander might be directing one of those episodes.

Alexander, while answering questions with fans tonight on Twitter, was asked, "Can you please direct an episode of Wynonna Earp?"

"This is not how TV works. It's not a buffet I can choose from," Alexander tweeted back. "Showrunners choose who they want directing."

That's when the user who had asked her about Wynonna Earp, producer Emily Andras, clarified for her, "I am the showrunner, and I think you're exceptional. But Twitter not time or place."

While Alexander was going out of her way to be apologetic for the misunderstanding, Andras made it clear that the director's failure to read Andras's Twitter bio before responding to her question wasn't likely to dim her enthusiasm to have Alexander on board:

She offered to get tacos with Alexander and talk about the chances of bringing the Green Street Hooligans filmmaker on board, and Alexander offered to buy by way of apology.

"Was this my nefarious plan all along?" Andras said. "Basically, yes."


Seems a long way to go for tacos, but hey! It also got them a director, as long as the scheduling works out.

Alexander, besides her feature film work, has directed some television, including episodes of both Arrow and Supergirl last season. Not only is she an Academy Award nominee (for her short film Johnny Flynton), but if her fight scenes look particularly good it probably doesn't hurt anything that Alexander's first job in show business was playing Kitana in Mortal Kombat: Live, a job she got after retiring as a world champion in both point fighting and karate at age 19. She's also one of Hollywood's most vocal (and visible, on social media) feminist filmmakers.