John Carter Director Andrew Stanton Talks Princess of Mars With Google

Disney and Google have made a YouTube video available to press and fans featuring John Carter director Andrew Stanton talking to Artists at Google about the film. In addition to discussing the issues of the movie itself and the history of Burroughs' nearly 100-year-old novel, Stanton shared with Google a series of drawing by himself, Michael Chabon and others who would be stars--but drawn at ages 8 to 11--featuring the world and characters of Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter novels. As for those who (like our own critic Christopher Lee) had problems with the science of the film, Stanton had some lighthearted criticism for them as well. "I made a movie about fish that talk underwater," joked Stanton (who directed the Academy-Award winning Finding Nemo for Disney/Pixar), "so I find that if you have a problem with me taking license with Mars then it's a sad world you live in." You can see the video below.