Kurt Sutter To Direct Sons Of Anarchy Spin Off: Mayans MC

Yesterday, Kurt Sutter and FX officially announced a pilot order for the Sons Of Anarchy spin-off [...]

Yesterday, Kurt Sutter and FX officially announced a pilot order for the Sons Of Anarchy spin-off series, Mayans MC. Fans had been anxiously awaiting the announcement, and the network finally delivered.

According to the press release, Mayans MC will take place after the events of Sons Of Anarchy, and will relocate the entire franchise. Instead of taking place in Northern California, like the original series, Mayans MC will follow a charter of the club that is located along the California/Mexico border.

The story will follow a young man named EZ Reyes, who is trying his hardest to become a member of Mayans MC. He will be a prospect when the show begins, meaning he is 'pledging' to become an official member of the charter. While working for the club, Reyes will also struggle with his need for vengeance against the Cartel, and with the ability to gain respect from the women in his life.

These details are exciting, but they confirmed that fan-favorite characters, like Jex Teller, Chibs, and Tig Trager, wouldn't be on the series. However, the announcement did reveal that one vital piece of the original series will appear in the pilot.

Kurt Sutter, the creator of Sons Of Anarchy, has announced that he will be directing the Mayans MC pilot. Sutter mainly served as a writer and producer for the series, but he directed eight of the individual episodes.

(Photo: FX Networks)

Most notably, Sutter directed the Sons Of Anarchy series finale. The last episode that fans watched was directed by Sutter, so it helps that he will be heading up the first episode of Mayans MC. Having one voice take viewers from one series into another will help provide an easy transition for those unsure about the spin-off series.

Mayans MC will be filming in March of 2017 with the series set to air in the fall.