Logan's Run Remake Gets A New Screenwriter

The Logan’s Run remake now has a new screenwriter, inching it one step closer to reality.The [...]

Logans Run

The Logan's Run remake now has a new screenwriter, inching it one step closer to reality.

The remake has been in development hell limbo for quite some time, but Warner Bros. recently tapped USA's Colony co-creator Ryan Condal to write the script (via Deadline). There is already a screenplay in place by Simon Kinberg (producer and co-writer of X-Men: Apocalypse), and Kinberg, along with Joel Silver and Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash) will be producing the remake.

Condal is also hard at work on a rewrite of the Rampage script, which is the Dwayne Johnson vehicle that is based on the original Rampage arcade game. If he can make that work, I imagine he can work some wonders for Logan's Run.

It seems Warner Bros. is finally moving forward with a script, which is a good sign for the troubled film. The movie hasn't been able to get out of the starting position, and has had numerous Directors, Producers, and Screenwriters attached. People like Bryan Singer, Christopher McQuarrie, Joseph Kosinski, Carl Erik Rinsch, Alex Garland, Nicolas Winding Refn, and Ken Levine (yes, that Ken Levine) have all been attached in one way or another over the years.

The rumored angle of the film is to be a remake of the original 1967 novel, written by George Clayton Johnson, which is about a society that executes their citizens once they hit the age of 21. The main character is what is called a sandman, the agents that enforce the society's laws. One of them, named Logan-5, attempts to find the rebel encampment called Sanctuary, but in the end he comes around to their way of thinking.